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The Allied Construction Employers Association (ACEA) brings together the management associations of 14 distinct construction disciplines in southeastern Wisconsin. As an organization dedicated to cooperation and leadership, we help our industry – and our state – thrive through high-quality construction services. We are comprised of many companies affiliated through the Industry Advancement Program (IAP). Since 1936, we have helped these companies and their associations maintain and grow their ability to provide exceptional construction services by: – Bargaining for agreements with local unions representing Bricklayers, Building Laborers, Carpenters, Cement Finishers, Floor Coverers, Ironworkers, Millwrights, Operating Engineers and Pile Drivers. – Providing contract administration services, including publishing and distributing labor contracts, and staffing negotiated trust funds, contract interpretations and grievance proceedings. – Acting as a liaison between multiple trades and coordinating apprenticeship programs – Educating multiple audiences about our high standards of safety, education and training. – Promoting joint effort issues and programs between labor and management.